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Environment Policy

APPWA Environmental Policy

Balloons bring a great deal of colour, joy, excitement and fun to people of all ages. “It’s not a party without balloons.” Businesses use them extensively due to their low cost, visual nature and sense of fun. Due to the fact that latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, they are a much more environmentally friendly than plastic, or paper bunting, flags, steel signs with solvent based paints, or neon signs.

Balloons are one of the more “balanced” products in terms of environmental impact when compared with other similar products. Major international environmental groups actively promote the protection of rainforests and the active planting of Rubber Trees (Hevea Brasilienis).

Rubber Tree
The protection and planting of millions of Rubber Trees, to obtain latex, helps improve the health of our planet. This has a positive Greenhouse effect and therefore a positive effect on our oceans and the wellbeing of billions of sea creatures, by helping to preserve their habitat. The continuing demand for latex balloons ensures the survival of the rubber tree and provides an economic incentive for planting (instead of cutting down) these trees. This also provides employment and income for indigenous people in many places around the world.

The latest National and WA Clean Up Australia Rubbish Reports indicated that 1% of all rubbish collected was in the rubber category. This consisted mainly of tyres, rubber gloves, shoes and soles. Balloon litter was so insignificant that it did not even rate its own sub category.

Sea Shepherd conducted a Beach Clean Up at Coogee Beach on Sunday 1st February 2015 and South Beach (Fremantle, WA) on Sunday 19th July 2015.
The amount of litter collected by these volunteers should be of great concern to us all and their efforts to make a difference are highly commendable.
Their Clean Up Reports for both beaches indicated no balloon litter.

Latex balloons are NOT plastic

Latex balloons ARE 100% biodegradable and break down at about the same rate as a gum leaf. There has been some concern about the rate at which a latex balloon breaks down, but the scientific fact is, they are a natural product which breaks down at the same rate as similar vegetable material.

Science clearly shows that, on balance, the production and use of latex balloons has a positive environmental and social impact on our planet.

APPWA actively promotes the happiness and joy of celebrating and commemorating special events. It holds a very special place in our lives. We also strongly urge people to celebrate, in the most environmentally manner possible, by leaving their environment in the same, or better, condition than which they found it.
Latex Balloons, like all objects not disposed of correctly, can be classed as litter and should be disposed of correctly. The fact that they are biodegradable does not justify their misuse. “Pin it and bin it”.

Green Earth
Balloon Releases

Although latex balloons are biodegradable, Balloon Releases, by definition, can be classed as littering and any adverse effect on even one sea creature is unacceptable. Members of the Association of Party Professionls WA do not support, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. There are hundreds of ways that balloons can be used to commemorate an event, or celebrate the life of a loved one, without releasing them into the atmosphere. We believe that banning balloon releases enables us to work with a wonderful product that actually has a substantial positive environmental impact on our planet.